Build with us.

We're looking for people who are tuned into making teams great, raising the quality bar and build software that our users will love.

Who we are

We were forged from the flames of "do things better" and our goal is to provide business support and automation tools for service delivery teams and vulnerability management. Ultimately, we want to help our users identify, communicate and track their security issues better; and to contribute to the eradication of unnecessary spreadsheet abuse.

Current openings

Remote working and flexibility

We are building a remote-first company, and although we never say never on having an office (or offices) at some point, the culture is very much remote first and it will continue that way. Some of our team are full time digital nomads at the moment. Time zones are managed fairly, but we do have a support window to cover, which is typically shared (extended UK business hours at the moment). We're currently (i.e. for the next several months) working on a four hour overlap with the team. But as the team grows, we will adjust this. Remote first doesn't need to lead to inefficient communication, and the reason for having overlaps is to facilitate synchronous communication where required. Of course, team members are free to organise synchronous meetings if and when they need to (most times, you don't need to, but sometimes you do). If you're based in Hawaii or New Zealand, it could be difficult for us to manage overlaps right now. But we're focused on finding the right people and making it work, so please apply! (and we may come visit you :p).

Other benefits

  • Suitable laptop for development if required (it doesn't have to be ... an Acer :p).
  • Internet connectivity cost supplement.
  • Remote working.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Flexible leave.
  • Responsibility from day one.
  • At least one annual meet up in a place of interest.

A note on diversity

As a small business, we provide a safe and personal environment, where the aim is to ensure trust can develop easily and quickly within the team. There are no prejudices held about race, gender, creed, parental status, nationality or any other biological or social indicator. In fact, we think our remote-first approach can offer benefits to stay-at-home parents and digital nomads a like.

Cultural fit is important. But culture is something that's evolving and we certainly don't have our heads buried in the sand.

Simply put, our focus is on building the best products in one of the most exciting industries today. We're looking for the best people to join us on that journey.

Hiring process

We want to avoid surprises, so here's how we run our hiring process:

  • You find us / We find you. Resume or equivalent required.
  • At least two video interviews with one of our engineers. One of these may involve walking through some scenarios to gauge experience and competence.
  • At least two video interviews with the team.
  • A final video chat to offer you the job, if you've made it this far.
  • Contractual and other legal formalities will follow.

We don't have any specific timeframes on how long this process will take from start to finish. At the moment we're aiming to be pretty aggressive, and if we find the right candidate it will be a matter of days to weeks to make a decision.

How to contact us

Step 1 is very simple: email us a resume and any supporting information, along with suitable first contact (*) details, to We would prefer if job applications were not packed inside of custom malware. But if you must ...

* That's first contact for the interview process, not for chatting with celestial inhabitants of Alpha Centauri.

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