Job opening: Full Stack Developer

We're looking for great developers to help build amazing products. Is that you? Read on ...


  • Location: Remote.
  • Salary: £50,000 plus bonuses.
  • Job type: Permanent.
  • Experience level: Senior.
  • Industry: Information Security.
  • Company size: <10 people.
  • Company type: private.


Linux (Ubuntu/RedHat), PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, Python 2, Django, Django REST Framework, ExtJS, ReactJS, git.

Job Description

Do you long to work on the new way of sending massive amounts of marketing email? Or perhaps you find it exciting to develop PHP "code" that glues accounting systems together? If so, may we introduce you to the back button on your web browser? At CheckSec, you'll be developing products that help hackers do their job quicker and more efficiently, and that help companies stay on top of what and where their security problems are. Canopy is a penetration/assessment management and reporting solution. It is being used by teams of small hackers and larger teams at enterprises to help track, report and understand their security issues better.

We're looking for a people who can help us take Canopy to the "next level". Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and we accept you!), will cover areas including design and development of new and improved features, finding and fixing bugs along with helping to improve and scale our testing, building up documentation, quality and engineering excellence, and, of course, contributing to the overall improvement and happiness of the team.

The team is made up of security industry professionals and software engineers. Our clients range from 3-person teams to some of the largest institutions on the planet. We're punching above our weight, and want to build on that. It's an exciting time to join us, and you'll play a big role in helping to build great products and a great company.


  • Strong computer science fundamentals, with a bachelors or masters in computer science, engineering or equivalent industry experience or just be awesome (see bonus points).
  • Experience in developing, maintaining and testing large scale projects (commercial or community).
  • Exceptional Python and JavaScript skills.
  • Exposure to front end MVVM/similar frameworks such as ExtJS, Angular, ReactJS, etc. (we mostly use ExtJS at the moment).
  • Self-starter ... what? This doesn't mean we won't support you, but we do value people who are both collaborative and independent enough to get going themselves. We will provide training on our stack and code. But we value people who will be asking questions and squashing bugs from the start. We also think this is a necessary skill for successful remote workers.
  • Fluent English, unless you speak in Python and have an API we can query.

Bonus points

  • If you're awesome and have no qualifications and very little real-world experience, please contact us anyway. If you're claiming awesomeness, you're either awesome or not. We get that university is not for everyone. But the onus is on you to prove it (we don't mean dropping a "iwashere.txt" file onto the main dev server, btw). But we'll be kind and gentle in our response if the latter.
  • Strong experience with UX and UI in modern enterprise apps or similar.
  • Hands on experience with ExtJS.
  • Experience transitioning from ExtJS to React.
  • Experience with Postgresql and/or Oracle.
  • Experience with Java (minor component of what we do).
  • Experience with automation of docx and OOXML.
  • Github/Bitbucket/StackOverflow/Other profile.
  • Previous experience working in the security or audit industry.


  • Suitable laptop for development if required (it doesn't have to be ... an Acer :p).
  • Internet connectivity cost supplement.
  • Remote working.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Flexible leave.
  • Responsibility from day one.
  • At least one annual meet up in a place of interest.

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